Psalms Through The Summer (2022)

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The Bible has really shaped who we are as a society and especially shaped my life as a Christian. I really enjoy reading through the whole Bible each year. However, reading the entire Bible might seem like a daunting task and a whole year might seem like a big commitment some. So I’m inviting you on to take part in another smaller and more manageable challenge with me to keep the scriptures consistently part of your daily routine.  I’m inviting you to spend your Summer reading through the PSALMS with me! Well actually not just the Summer, technically I’m beginning a bit early and may go a little into the Fall. 

I’ll try and share a few of my thoughts as a blog post here each day. I’ll be limiting my posts to around 500 words or less to ensure that each day’s posting is brief. For those of you reading along, I encourage you to briefly write your thoughts as well. A private journal is a nice way to reflect on what you have read, and helps sort your thoughts. As always, feel free to jump in, comment about what sticks out to you from the the scripture passages, ask questions, etc. 

I’ll Start Blogging on May 1st, 2022. 

I’m in the process of reorganizing my blog and so I’ll be updating this page frequently with links to new Blog Posts as I go through the process. 

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