Praise God For Good Days (Psalm 21)


For the king trusts in the LORD, And through the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved.



I had a really good week a couple of weeks back. It was just a really good week. When I went to count my blessings each day, they all came to mind quickly. My kids were all getting awards. My wife and I saw many of the sacrifices we had made as parents paying off. I had several great ministry conversations throughout the week and individuals, who were unsolicited, just shared about the impact of our ministry on their lives. It seems like every time I went for lunch or coffee someone bought my meal or beverage (Seriously, like 5 meals!) It wasn’t an anniversary, or an appreciation month, it wasn’t people from one group. It was like our community, our church, our friend network had all conspired to bless us during the same week. It was good.

I’ve come to learn that life is seasonal. I’ve been through plenty of seasons when we didn’t have any good weeks. The things people were saying were not encouraging, discouragement was looming behind every door, and sometimes folks were down right angry. We had hard weeks with our kids, it seems like instead of getting awards we were figuring out discipline for bad behavior. I freely admit that during those weeks I had a lot to call out to God for. My prayers for myself and others were frequent. I was driven to my knees often. I knew I needed the Lord. I knew to say help.

But what do you say when it’s a good week and the blessing of God abounds? David had tons of bad weeks. We’ve heard his prayers on the run from Saul and from his son Absalom. Like our lives it wasn’t always good, but there were moments where it was. So did David forget God on the good days? NO!!! He called out the God all the same, but this time with gratitude to remember God’s past faithfulness and future grace!

I think sometimes when things are going well, we can all be tempted to think we got there on our own. David reminds us in Psalm 21 that every good thing in his life is a work of God’s grace and mercy! He thanks God for his overwhelming grace in the past and counts on it going into the future.

One year at student camp our group had a particularly impactful week. I didn’t want camp to end as it normally did with just hugs all around and quickly loading up to get on the road. So we loaded up and pulled just to the edge of the property and there under a few large shade trees we took a few minutes to thank God for all the blessings that occurred in camp. We took time to recognize His hand at work in our life and give Him all the credit.

What about you? How is your life going? Are you quicker to ask for help when things are bad or to praise God when things go well? When is the last time you just thanked him for all the blessings your life and recognized that they were gifts of his mercy and grace?


Father, Thank you for all of your goodness that has been poured out in my life. Truly I am blessed well beyond what I deserve. I cannot help but be grateful for your work in my life. You have shown me great kindness. Thank you for days and weeks when I am on the mountain rather than in the valley. Your love and kindness in my life is greater than I am able to fully comprehend. Let my lips be free with praise and gratitude for how you have worked in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I’m reading and blogging the Psalms Through The Summer. I’d love for you to join me. You can find out a little more here.

One thought on “Praise God For Good Days (Psalm 21)

  1. Ms Trish Kendall LEBC

    I’ve learned to “Thank Him” even in the small things in life because it’s important to remember all good things come from God plus I remember how long it took Daniel to get an answer from the Lord. The angel fought 21 days before Daniel got it. Prayer is spiritual warfare always therfore we should be thankful for every answer we get, even God’s No’s are a blessing I’ve found in the long run. Who isn’t thankful everyday that He saved us from darkness and brought us into the “Light of His Son Jesus”, that’s enough to be thankful everyday. Even in the bad days, I’m thankful His presence is there. Hebrews 13:5- He’ll never leave or forsake us. Plus if God allows bad things, His promise of Romans 8:28 applies, He’ll take everything Satan throws at us and works it for our good or he wouldn’t allow it into our lives. As that song goes, He’ll turn it around. Nothing is impossible with God. He has the final word in our lives, Satan doesn’t, I take great comfort in that. He’s sitting on His Throne, We won’t ever hear God say, I didn’t see that coming, I take great comfort He’s in control during the good times and more importantly the bad times too. Life is about seasons, it’s constantly changing, I read this book about trials, It said, Don’t die in a season, keep moving. That’s important to remember when winter comes in our lives,
    don’t lose hope spring time is coming, hold on. Things will change. Blessings Pastor 😷👱‍♀️🙂


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