The Bible has really shaped who we are as a society and especially shaped my life as a Christian. Personally I enjoy reading through the whole Bible each year. However, reading the entire Bible might seem like a daunting task and a whole year might seem like a big commitment. So I’m inviting you on to take part in a smaller and more managable challenge to keep the scritpure consistently part of your daily routine.  I’m inviting you to spend 90 days reading through the New Testament with me! 90 days is about the time it takes to develop a good habit. I’m hoping that by the end you will have the accomplishment of reading the New Testament under your belt, a daily routine developed, and will want to continue to read the scripture on a consistent basis.

Several years ago I organized a simple effort to read the New Testament in 90 days, I did it last year and I thought it was worth picking it up again this year.  We will be reading about three chapters of Scripture a day and I’ll try and share a few of my thoughts as a blog post here each day. I’ll be limiting my posts to around 500 words or less to ensure that each day’s posting is brief. For those of you taking the challenge, I encourage you to briefly write your thoughts as well. Feel free to jump in, comment about what sticks out to you from the the scripture passages, ask questions, etc. 

The challenge will begging January 1st, 2021. 

Here is the new-in-90-sheet I organized back in 2011 and I will be using again this year. I’ve listed the days here without a date so that some of you can start later, or hop back on the bus easily if you miss a day. I’ll try and link back to the list below once I’ve shared my thoughts so you can see where we are in the process.