The Cost of Discipleship (Luke 7-9)

There have been lots of funerals in the last several days. I couldn’t help but be stirred to some sort of joy when when in today’s reading we see Jesus stop a funeral procession and bring a young man back to life. It was echoed when he brought a 12 year old little girl back to life later. I still recon I see Jesus at funerals sometimes. Those we’ve had to say goodbye to lately have been some of the dearest saints I know. But as we stand beside their graves and mourn our loss, I can’t help but draw on comfort that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. While we say goodbye for a little while, that those in Christ will rise again. I saw a glimpse of that and was comforted today.

I also couldn’t help but notice the different responses to Jesus. We all seem to want to pick and choose to come to Jesus on our own terms. Some will follow him, if first they can do something else. A Pharisee doesn’t recognize how sinful he really is before God and so he treats Jesus with shame. A sinful woman sees everything that happens at the Pharisee’s house and she makes an expensive tribute (perfume) to set things right. She knows what it is to be forgiven of her sins and so she loves much.

The reality is that we don’t get to pick and choose how we come to Jesus. If we would come to him for the resurrection of the dead. If we would come to him so that our sins might be forgiven. If we would come to him at all, we must come on his terms. We must surrender all and follow him.

Father, thank you that you are the resurrection and the life! Thank you for how you have comforted me as I have grieved the loss of friends and loved ones this week. I ask for your grace in ministering to others today. I surrender everything to you today and choose to live in your strength and power. In Jesus name, Amen.


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