Are You Snarling Or Singing? (Psalm 59)


And at evening they return, They growl like a dog, And go all around the city. 15 They wander up and down for food, And howl if they are not satisfied. 16 But I will sing of Your power; Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning; For You have been my defense And refuge in the day of my trouble. 17 To You, O my Strength, I will sing praises; For God [is] my defense, My God of mercy.

PSALM 59:14-17


There were two groups of people who thought they were doing the right thing. There was David’s bunch who were running for their lives, but somehow able to praise God at every turn for their deliverance. Then there was Saul’s bunch, somehow finding a way to curse David and his plight. One group was on the run, the other group was chasing them down. One group was singing, the other group was snarling. What is coming out of the folks you hang out with?

I’ve told my children that we may not have chosen our afflictions, but we can choose our attitudes. David reminds us that even when he was running from the enemy that God was still strong and God was still in control and it allowed him to offer God praise in the midst of his affliction. Some of the best songs we can sing are the songs of deliverance or songs of salvation.

Where we celebrate God’s ability to save, we are singing. Where we talk of all our defeats and complain about how bad life is or better it would be without someone in it, we are snarling. The question for us today is are we singing or snarling?

I’ve known folks who go through the same situation and one comes out singing God’s praise, the other comes out snarling and snapping at everyone around them. One is looking for the glory of God in their salvation, the other is looking at how unfair the world is. One looks to God and clings to His promises despite desperate circumstances, the other looks around and finds only bitterness.

To be honest there have been times in my life when I’ve been snarling. Like these men chasing David and like the pharisees of Jesus’ day, I thought I was in the right. I found myself snarling after the people I thought were wrong rather than praising God for all that was right. I wondered if God could ever take a snarler and make him into a singer. I had no further to look than the Apostle Paul (also known as Saul) who used to chase down Christians, like these men chased David… but then this “Saul” met Jesus and we later find him singing praise songs at midnight in a Philippian Jail. This snarler had become a singer! If there was hope for him, there was hope for me.


Father, I confess that far too often I have been a snarler. I have been like a hot blooded hound in search of prey rather than an obedient servant trusting His Lord. I am grateful for your patience in my life. I want to be a singer all my days. I am grateful for the transformation that took place in Paul’s life and pray that my testimony would be much the same. I was a snarler who has been transformed into a singer by the grace and mercy of God! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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