Why do you call me “Lord, Lord” and not do what I tell you (Lk. 6:46)

Following isn’t a matter of intention.  It isn’t even a matter of recognizing legitimate authority.  Following involves… well, actually following. Following requires action. Following requires obedience.

Some were calling Jesus, “Lord” with their mouths, but they were not following Him with their lives. They were not true followers.  The real followers were the one’s who took His word, even when it required a little effort, and made it the foundation of their lives (Lk. 6:48).  Jesus promised that those who would take him at His word and walk in humble obedience would not be disappointed.

But those whose commitment was merely superficial would come to ruin when the foundation of their life was tested.  The message was clear… lip service is not the same as following.  To call Jesus Lord with your lips is not the same thing as calling him Lord with your life.

I wonder how many today are playing the dangerous charade of lip service.  They want to appear to be holy.  They want others to see them as great men or women of faith… yet they really have very little faith if any at all, because they have never really come to a place of obedience in Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your grace.  I desperately want to be one who is obedient to you today.  I don’t want to offer just lip-service.  You are my LORD and you have control over my whole life.  Use me today as you would see fit.  I am yours.

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