They Left Everything and Followed Him (Lk. 5:11)

Peter, James and John had just caught what was most likely the biggest catch of fish in their life and they left it behind.  Not just that, they left off the fishing business all together to follow Jesus.  The call to follow Him was that important!  Forget the boats, the long and tired nights of fishing, put away the nets, forget the fish market…. “come and follow Me,” He said, “I will make you fishers of men.”

Catch the language…they left off the fishing business… “to follow.”  Before they became fishers of men, they were followers of Jesus.  Sometimes in our hype to share the gospel, we forget that following Jesus is the most important part of fishing for men.  You can’t fish, if you don’t follow. It’s really that simple.

The transformation takes place along the way as we follow. We are made into His image.  We are made into fishers of men, but it doesn’t happen until we submit our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet, following is costly.  Following Jesus challenges every idol that you are tempted to hold in your heart instead of Him. Do you love money?  Follow Jesus and you will be forced to let go of money.  Do you love security? Follow Jesus and he will bid you to follow him into the deep to depend on Him alone.  Do you picture yourself as better than others?  Follow Jesus and He will lead you to a place where the standard becomes the holiness of God.

The disciples followed Jesus all the way to Jerusalem where He was crucified. After the resurrection, many of the disciples would meet persecution as they went about sharing the message.  There came a point where the disciples had to intentionally choose to follow Jesus no matter what the cost.


Thank you for calling me to follow you.  I confirm in my heart again that I am completely yours.  I give up every claim I ever had on anything else.  I give you my family.  They are yours.  I give you my job.  It is yours.  I am following you today.  Please see fit to transform me to be more like you… whatever the cost.

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