Mark 13: it will get worse before it gets better

In Mark 13 Jesus describes the future to a few of His disciples. The picture He paints isn’t a beautiful one. He describes in mild detail the effects of sin on our world. There will be wars, earthquakes, food shortages, family strife, etc. And many will be persecuted for Jesus’ name sake….

But then it will get better! Jesus will return in all his Glory! Sin and all of it’s ill effects will be wiped away!

But we should be ready. We should be diligent. We must not assume we have more time. Jesus said it’s not for men to know the day or hour of His return, but to know that He will return. We should be diligent to watch, pray & look for His return. We should not east the days like lazy servants of a master are tempted to do, but we must make the most of every opportunity.

The message is this… We are not home yet! The curse of sin still plagues this planet. People hurt people. The planet groans under the weight of sin. We can not lay back idle while the world passes by as though the best Christ has to offer is a peaceful life now… No. He offers eternal life and while we breath, while we move, while we live we must labor diligently to see Him high and lifted up. We shouldn’t live as though we are retired… We must live preparing for His return.

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