Mark 12: The Authority of Rejects, or the Rejection of Authority

Mark 12 starts out with the parable of the wicked tenants. They are wicked because they reject the authority of the owner to collect what is due and kill his son. (more on this parable can be found by clicking on the vodpod video to the right on my blog

The parable carries over from the conversation in chapter 11 about authority. Jesus’ authority had been questioned by the religious leaders. This parable illustrates that the religious leaders had already rejected God’s authority and that they were like the tenants in this parable… Judgement was coming.

At the end of the parable Jesus tacks on a fuller statement about a cornerstone. He is quoting from Psalm 118. The meaning is that the leaders had rejected Him as the cornerstone (foundation and guideline) for their lives, but that even though he was rejected by them, He would still be the guideline by which their lives were judged.

Application: Many people reject Jesus. Even seemingly Christian people can conduct life under a set of rules apart from a relationship with Christ. Remember that Jesus is telling this parable within earshot of the Religious leaders of the day. They are simply living under rules and not in a relationship with Christ. The difference is deadly.

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of a believers life. The Holy Spirit is moving and working in each one of us to conform us to the image of Christ. To be confirmed to the image of Christ, we must accept God’s authority in our lives. What authority do you submit to? Is it a false standard of self imposed rules made by yourself and/ or others? Do you go which ever way the wind blows trysting your emotions to be your guide? Have you entrusted yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ to save you, change you, and transform you into His image through His work on the cross for your sins?

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