A Big Big House (1 Kings 7)

In 1 Kings 7 Solomon builds his house. It’s not a small house and it is costly to build. Some commentators view this as the beginning of Solomon’s slide away from God. They assume that Solomon is in violation of Deuteronomy 17:17. Others assume that Solomons expression of wealth is to state that God is a great God and Solomon is a great king. Whatever the reason Solomon prominently displays his wealth at the expense of those who are being taxed and forced into labor.

Another notable theme here is that Solomon builds a rather large living area for his wife, Pharoh’s daughter. Her preferential treatment seems to indicate she was to be considered the Queen or at least demanded a great deal of respect due to her father’s influence.

Apparently something in Solomon’s relationship with Egypt changed after this point. Egypt will harbor a fugative who will cause a civil war in Israel and eventually attack while solomon’s son is reigning.

Application: ok admittedly there isn’t alot to go on here for application… Here is what I came up with 1. what does the way you manage money say about you and your relationship with God? 2. Are you giving your spouse enough space? (ok the second one isn’t really an application… But I couldn’t resist)

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