1 Kings 6

1 Kings 6 describes how the temple was built. To the modern reader it’s easy to get lost in the numbers and detail and wonder why these facts were even recorded (after all it doesn’t appear like this is super spiritual stuff)… But the numbers and details do remind us that these are actual events, this place was real. It’s not just a story, but history as well.

The Christian faith is built on the historical reality that the one true God of the universe interacts with mankind in such a way as to draw men after Himself. The reality of the temple that Solomon built (which is relatively small compared to some church campuses today) is that it represented God’s presence with His people. It represented the fact that God had fulfilled his promises and that Israel belonged in the land they were occupying. I find it no small coincidence that the Temple was built when Israel’s borders were as close as ever to the Abrahamic covenant.

This is a seal that God is with His people. He has delivered them from Egypt and has given the land completely over to the Israelites.

Application: Though Solomon builds an amazing temple, it is still a far cry from the way Adam walked with God in the Garden. Later Jesus would come and walk among us as God in the flesh. Now, for those who are Christ-followers, we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God who allows us communion with God at anytime. There will come a day when we will be in the city of God and He will what illumines everything.

What does it mean that a God so holy and so just would choose to walk with a sinful people like us? What does that say about the character of God to love beyond measure?

God really loves us. We are made in His image. As one children’s Bible puts it, God is pleased to look at us and see a bit of Himself. He truly desires a relationship with you. Are you trusting Him today?

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