Last words and First steps (1 Kings 2)

The first part of chapter two holds the last words of David. His statements to Solomon can be broken up into 2 parts. First he is told to trust God, second he is told to clean house of those likely to cause a rebellion.

There is little doubt that these words or thoughts were new to Solomon. How great it is that David now only needs to remind Solomon of what he must already know. David has no new words to offer here, only reminders of lessons that have already been taught.

Application: Don’t wait till your deathbed to let your children (or those who count on you) know what is really important. Live it, speak it and let them know what’s important now. May your last words merely be reminders of wisdom that was already taught. Don’t wait to share the most important things in life.

Through the rest of the chapter Solomon consolidates his power. His brother makes a subtle attempt to regain power by asking to mary David’s nurse. Though David never slept with her, she would have been considered part of the former kings harem. According to some Ancient Near Eastern customs, taking a former kings harem would be a show of legitimate power.

Bathsheba isn’t aware that she is being used by Adonijah but Solomon sees right through the plan and has him killed. Solomon then removes Abithar the priest from his position of power and thus fulfills Gods promise that Eki’s line would be removed from the priesthood (2:27).

Application: God keeps his promises, but he uses people. God’s word never fails. It may take time before we see the end of a matter, but we can rest assured that God already sees the end from the beginning.

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