Finish Well sometimes requires a team effort (1 Kings 1)

It’s not how you begin the game, it’s how you finish that counts. The L.A. Lakers proved that Tuesday night in game 3 of the finals. After an terrible start, they came back on a scoring rampage in the second quarter. At one point it looked like it was going to be a blow out, but it was still early in the game. The Celtics came back and at times in the 4th quarter it was a 1 point ball game. However the Lakers rallied at the end to hold their lead and win.

I think we get a similar picture of the life of David. David was hated by Saul. Then upon Sauls death he managed to unite an empire. Yet when he was supposed to be at war he was home sleeping with the wife of one of his soldiers. That among otherthings caused family problems and disputes among Davids children that often ended in bloodshed. At one point obe of his own sons marched on Jerusalem to depose him as king. Now at the end of David’s life another one of his sons is seeking to ignore his father’s wishes and make himself king.

By the kindness of God, David has some close friends and allies who will help make sure that his wishes are honored and that he doesn’t blow it in the final chapter of his life. Here is the deal, I wonder if David would have missed it if he weren’t surrounded by such a caring crew of individuals? Even near the end, they weren’t willing to see David lose a grasp on his kingdom. They stuck around long enough to make sure that his final act as king was to hand the mantle of leadership off properly.

You see David really could have blown it at this point. He could have remained ignorant. He could have forgotten to make the appointment of Solomon official. He could have done slot of things wrong, but he didn’t. David’s success in handing of the mantle of leadership rested in the hands of his greatest friends who were available to spur him on in his hour of need.

Application: Its not how you begin, it’s how you finish. David finished well, because he had great friends and allies who wanted to see him do the right thing.

Two Questions:

1. Who are you helping to finish well? Who are you investing in? Who can call on you when they need you?

2. Who will help you to finish well? Who knows you inside and out? Who will keep you accountable?

What did you get from 1 Kings 1.

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