Waiting on the Lord

I won’t be posting here on the blog for a while. At least not with the pace that I’m used to. Over the last few days I have been wrestling with a few issues and need the time I normally devote to blogging to pursue deeper issues.

Many of you are faithful to pray for me and I encourage you to pray for me on the following 3 ways.

1. For Christ to be exalted in my life above all. I long for a genuine humbleness in my life that makes much of Christ.

2. For patience to actively wait on the Lord. Some things only God can do and we must wait so that we do not steal the glory.

3. For strength and endurance. When God moves in a persons life the enemy is not silent.

Sorry if I’m a little cryptic or confusing. Just know that God is dealing with me in a really good way and I can use your prayer.

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