50 Reasons: To Give Eternal Life To All Who Believe on Him

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be reading Piper’s book “50 Reasons why Jesus Came to Die” between Easter and Pentecost. You can get the scoop here

I apolagize for not posting much of last week and early this week.  Most of my computer time was spent writing and researching a few papers due for my Masters degree and a few other side projects that had more immediate deadlines.

To Give Eternal Life to All Who Believe on Him

Piper does a great job bringing out the beauty of eternal life in this quote, “It is the supreme and ever increasing happiness where all sin and all sadness will be gone.  All that is evil and harmful in this fallen creation will be removed.  All that is good – all that will bring true and lasting happiness- will be preserved, purified and intensified” (57).  Imagine ever increasing delight without an end.  That’s the point of eternal life.  Not an endless choir session of boring music.  If that is the future for all who believe on Christ… How should that inform the way we live now?

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