3 Discipleship Questions

Ok so I am working on a strategy to help people who become Christ followers to grow in their relationship with Him (aka discipleship for new believers).  Please feel free to comment and discuss in the comment section below.

  • What are the first 5 things a new believer should learn/know how to do (regardless of their background)?
  • How would you coach a new believer who is a teenager living in a house with unbelieving parents or siblings?
  • (If you are a believer) How were you discipled when you became a Christ follower & who discipled you?

One thought on “3 Discipleship Questions

  1. Kamatu

    1. I won’t be surprised if you get about ten or so items as the “top 5”, but here is my try.
    A) The inerrancy of Scripture – this one is basic, but needs to be expanded on as they grow.
    B) The need to pray (task, not technique). If they cannot do anything else, there is the Lord’s prayer or even child-like prayers.
    C) The need to read Scripture, even if they don’t understand it at first. I find the Gospels and Epistles good, as well as Proverbs to begin with. I might even put Proverbs above the Epistles if the new Christian shows signs of a thirst for the Word. Proverbs will take you ALL over the Bible in cross references.
    D) The availability of a mentor to help them with any questions or difficulties. This one also ties in with joining into fellowship with believers.
    E) That since they have put their faith in God, to remember that He will be faithful to them and that all things work together for good for those who trust in the Lord. Heh, if you want it more worldly, God’s got their back as long as they are doing their their best to study, pray and grow in the faith, so don’t worry about any “technical” problems in the practice of their faith.

    2. Apologetics and Bible study. It can be geared to the level of the believer, but it has to be instilled. This problem of going away to college and losing their faith is not new. During WW2 my uncle’s high school class had the minister as their Sunday school teacher expressly for the purpose of strengthening them with some “meat” before they went out into the world.

    3. Minister who took my confession specifically. It was not as strong a discipleship as could have been done and I spent my time wandering as I made the transition towards and into college. In general, my father and grandfather both took a strong hand in raising me up as the Bible commands and (perhaps unknowingly) as a Berean. It was that training that took hold in the end as I dug honestly to find the truths of the deniers in college. The more I dug, the more I found false witnesses to “prove” their case against Christ.

    On this subject:

    If I got handed this as a class to teach, my primary resources would be The Hope: http://www.christiananswers.net/catalog/hope-vs.html and the Baptist Confession of Faith:

    If it was new believers, then I’d lean more to the first and as they matured move to the second.


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