A Book to Keep Reading to Your Kids

Every once in a while a children’s book comes along that transcends the moments of childhood and becomes a gateway to the rest of life. Among those books I count the Dr. Seus’ book, Oh The Places You Will Go and and Robert Munsch’s book, Love You Forever. These books are a blessing to read to our children, gifts still suitable for graduation, and powerfully reflective for the parents that read and gift them to our children. Add now to that same category Melissa Kruger’s book, Wherever You Go, I Want You To Know.

This is a powerful reflective book that reads easily, rhymes well, and most importantly captures the attention of my preschooler (we read it just about ever day). The illustrations are well formatted and compliment the writing. I can’t tell you how many times my preschooler and I have noticed new details in a picture that we previously missed. It’s definitely a Hill house favorite.

The sentiment of the writing is also very gripping, “where ever you go, I want you to know…” which ultimately leads to a conclusion of, “I pray you love Jesus with all of your heart.” For parents of faith, it is a simple expression of our deepest prayers for our children and is very emotional. It’s fitting as a book for preschoolers or as an emotional add on to some of life’s bigger ‘growing up’ moments like graduations, etc.


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