Where is God in the Pandemic? (a few quick and helpful reads)

I’ve been intentional about reading lately. Years ago, a friend and mentor told me that I didn’t have a right to an opinion until I’d read a book or two on the subject… I don’t know if I completely agree, but his point was well taken. Uninformed opinions abound on social media, in conversations, and unfortunately even on our news channels these days. I have found to be a leader in today’s climate it’s very important to be well read. Even reading just a few books on a topic can help you better understand the current issues we are facing in our culture.

I’ve read a few books about Pandemics and Viruses from a general perspective, but if you are struggling to figure out where God fits in all of this, I want to recommend two resources to help you from a theological perspective.

I really enjoyed reading both of these books. If they had one flaw in common, it would be that both books appear to have been written or compiled early in the pandemic and so they may seem a little dated (even though they are only a few months old).

Christ and the Coronavirus, by John Piper, does an excellent job of framing things up from a biblical perspective and is useful in beginning to grasp the sovereignty of God and the issue of malevolent forces such as viruses that kill. He also provides several biblical reasons why God might have allowed the pandemic. It’s a short read at just over 100 pages.

Where is God in a Coronavirus World? by John Lennox, while approaching things biblically, directs more attention to philosophical discussion on why a good God would allow a force such as a virus in the world. Lennox’s writing is clear and logical. He pulls in several great quotes, including one near the end that he adapts from C. S. Lewis. This book is also very brief at under 100 pages.

Both books are very short and are intended for popular and general audiences. If you have never pondered the question of God and viruses before or if you are looking for a resources to share with others these are two brief and good introductions.

It should be noted that the links provided are NOT affiliate links. (I am not being compensated to write about them.)

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