Day 69: 2 Timothy (NEW TESTAMENT 90)

Today’s reading comes from 2 Timothy follow the link provided here to read the ESV online.

Paul writes in 2 Timothy 1:3,  that he remembers Timothy in prayer, night and day, without ceasing. What a joy it must have been for Timothy to have a mentor like Paul in his life, who poured into him, but also consistently prayed for him. Paul can speak to Timothy with directness because of the foundation of prayer that has already been laid. He knows God, He knows Timothy, and He knows what Timothy needs to do.

This letter is encouraging. Paul challenges Timothy to use his gifts unashamedly (1:6-7).  He want’s Timothy to hold fast to the sound doctrine that he received  (1:13, 2:2). Paul warns him that there is a type of preaching/ teaching that sounds good to the ear, but isn’t sound preaching (2:15-16). Timothy must stand and preach the truth in a world that will increasingly not want to hear it (3:1-7). Paul affirms that the power of the word of God (3:16-17) and charges Timothy to preach the word (4:1-2) even in the face of coming days when people will no longer want to hear the truth (4:3-5).

FATHER, Thank you for the those in ministry who know us, pour into us, and lead us closer to you. We are grateful for the prayers of the saints offered on our behalf and pray that we would be faithful in lifting up those whom you have called US to mentor. We pray for the strength to deliver sound doctrine in difficult days and we pray for the generation behind us that will face even more challenging days than these. We pray for our churches and those that we minister to. We pray that you would keep us from folly and foolish doctrines, but that we would be well grounded in the word and have a genuine desire for your word. Thank you for the grace to shepherd your flock. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

What did you take away from today’s reading? What are your thoughts or questions? Feel free to comment below and enter the discussion.

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