Day 6: John 16-18 (NEW TESTAMENT 90)

Today’s reading comes from John 16 – 18 follow the link provided here to read the ESV online.

Thought 1: There were two opposing wills at work in the events leading up to and surrounding the crucifixion. The leaders willed that Jesus would die so they could hold on to their kingdom and keep the status quo (11:50). Jesus willingly went with those who had assembled to take him captive (18:11).  He willingly laid His life down so that He could pick it back up again in resurrection (John 10:18). As we look back and we read these events unfolding, we hear Jesus tell us that while the world schemes to overcome him, that the disciples should not worry, for he has overcome the world (16:33).  

I’m fond of saying that the worst day in all of history was also the greatest day. Sometimes we look at our lives and wonder if God really cares. See the care that Jesus extends to his disciples on the worst week of their life. They will feel left, abandoned, distraught, and seemingly hopeless. Yet, Jesus knowing what He will endure, challenges them to be prepared. What is about to unfold will look like losing, but will really be winning. It will taste sour, but will heal like good medicine. It will be painful, but will produce life (16:20-22).

We will encounter trouble in this life. There will be moments where we feel like we are losing. We will face persecution, loss, perhaps even suffer unjustly at the hands of others and all the while it will be painful, it will hurt, it will make us wonder if God is really there for us. Like the disciples we might feel abandoned and for a moment our world will be spin. But for those in Christ, we must know that we are not abandoned, we are not losing, we are not without hope… He has overcome. Our joy will be greater on the other side of all this trouble.  Even in the death of a believer, there is greater joy on the other side (John 6:40).

Thought 2:  The gospel must spread. Jesus prays in John 17, not just for his immediate disciples, but for those who will believe through the witness of the disciples (17:20). That includes me in two ways. One because I have received the gospel. But, secondly because I am entrusted to share the gospel with others so that they may also believe. We get to take part in making God known to the nations.  We get to bring the gospel light to places of darkness. And we don’t go alone!  Jesus is the one who continues to make His name known!

Here is how I am praying through this passage today:

LORD, Thank you for the gift of faith and belief. I am grateful for those you have put in my life that have been faithful to share your word with me. I pray that you would use me in the lives of others. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank you that He guides me. I pray the entirety of John 17 with you. Thank you for leaving the John 17 prayer in your word so that I might know how you have prayed for me and others who have believed on you. I lift up those who are facing trouble and tribulation around the world because of their faith in you. I ask that they would be encouraged today and strengthened by you. I lift up those I know in my own circles today, friends and family facing hardships, those who are sick and in need of healing, those who are facing their last moments, those I get the privilege of shepherding, those who I will invite to believe on you, and those who have wandered for far too long . I ask that we all would have our greatest joy in you. Strengthen us this day by your Word and your Spirit. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

What did you take away from today’s reading? What are your thoughts or questions? Feel free to comment below and enter the discussion.

Find out about New Testament 90 – Here


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