Letters to My Students (A Review)

Image result for letters to my students"What a breath of fresh air! I really wish I had this book starting out! It’s simple and compelling! Dr. Allen provides an excellent guide for young pastors and pastoral students. The first years of ministry can be rough and very difficult to navigate, “Letters to My Students: On Preaching,” provides clarity and hope for biblical preaching in the next generation.

Letters to My Students: On Preaching,” is comprised of twenty chapters neatly divided into three major sections. These sections address the topics of preparing to be a preacher, preparing to preach, and growing in preaching. The easy to read chapters are filled with biblical insight, practical application and prove to be a valuable resource for young ministers. I certainly profited from them.

The book’s format provides a great opportunity to read and digest a small chapter each day (this is certainly how I enjoyed it). It also lends itself to reading and discussing a chapter with those you are mentoring or who are mentoring you (that is one way I plan to use it). “Letters to My Students: On Preaching,” is a true gift to the church. I hope there are many more volumes to come!

For the sake of full disclosure: I attended a college bible study led by Jason (As we called him back then). That was around 20 years ago. I’m confident that I was able to read and review this book without bias.

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