Acts 12: Is It Too Good to Be True?

When Peter was out of the game. Caught by Herod. Held in prison. Not on the streets healing or preaching… out. It looked like he was going to lose. The region knew what violence was possible against Peter. They knew Stephen who was already murdered. The knew Peter was in hot water… So they prayed.

Maybe there prayers were half-hearted God covering prayers just in case things didn’t turn out as they hoped… “If it be your will, according to your pleasure, Help us to understand, etc.” So then maybe they really didn’t expect an answer? Maybe they thought it was beyond God to set a captive free? Maybe they weren’t in the mood for an interruption?

But isn’t that just like the Lord to break into our plans with a miracle. Surely this God who is capable of saving rebellious sinners is capable of a little local Jail break and maybe he’s capable of more than we pray for too.

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