Acts 7: Forgiveness

I know there is a lot of information in Stephens speech in Acts 7, but today I want to focus on verse 60. Seems like Stephen in the midst of his murder is able to forgive those who have violently risen against him. He carries no hatred, no malice, no bitterness, no need to cry out for God to vindicate him… Instead he cries out that his murder would not be counted against them.

This boldness reeks of the gospel. Who is this man to forgive his murderers? Who is this that now sees with the gates of Heaven opening before him and all he can think to utter is “please, don’t count it against them.” He actually wants his attackers to see what he sees! He wants them to know the peace that has come through Jesus!

This is a life rocked by the gospel. One who offers forgiveness as freely as he has received. His blood does cries out for justice… but now for forgiveness.

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