Read the New Testament in 90 Days!

I’ve been inspired by my friend and pastor Chris Aiken to read through the New Testament during the first 90 days of 2012.  We will be reading three chapters of Scripture a day and posting our comments on our respective blogs. I will be posting over at instead of here in order to appeal to different audiences. That being said, feel free to cruise on over and subscribe to follow at if you are interested.   Chris will be posting on his blog over at chrisaiken.wordpress.comI’ll be limiting my posts to 300 words or less to ensure that each day’s posting is brief. Jump in, comment about the scripture passage, questions, etc. Feel free to join in with the challenge even if you don’t come from a Christian background.  Honest skeptics and people from other faith perspectives are welcome. I will be writing from a Christian background.  However, I will instill a stipulation that all comments should be in good taste (you have the right to disagree with my opinion or another commentator, however you are expected to express your views in polite terms… more on this later).

If you plan on joining in and blogging along (and I hope you will), please be sure to comment below and I’ll include a link to your blog on the side bar over at Please be patient over the next few days as I get everything established there.

I’ll be publishing my first comments later tonight on John 1-3 and should be caught up by Tuesday morning January 3rd.

4 thoughts on “Read the New Testament in 90 Days!

  1. That is great and I hope you finish strong. Reading the entire Bible from cover to cover has always been one of my goals. Heres to a new year to start it again!


  2. i’ll love to be a part of this. Please i’ll be blogging about it also,so u can put a link to my site as well. I’ll be starting from Romans, hope thats okay. I’m also a christian. Thanks.


  3. I had a goal a few years ago to read through the entire Bible…every word. As you well know, some of the Old Testament was a little daunting!

    I have been stuck on the New Testament for a few years (yes I am embarassed to admit that), so I will be heading over to the other blog to join in. I am looking forward to backing up a few chapters and getting a fresh start!

    Hope you have a blessed and beautiful New Year!


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