3 Things I’d Do Over If I Were Starting My Blog Today!

So I’ve been blogging here on wordpress for just around 3 years and I got to thinking… What would I do different if I were to start a blog today? In essence what have I learned? While I have learned many lessons from blogging, three stick out to me the most:

1. Write for a Broader Audience in Mind. Many of my posts are very specific in nature to an audience with a specific palate. While I think these posts relevant and good I think they would have been better had I written them with a larger audience in mind. For example the following posts are pretty theological in nature, but what would they look like had I been sensitive to people outside of my religious background? I wouldn’t water down the content, but perhaps clarify terms and be sensitive to “outsider” reading.

2. Use points and embolden text more often. Many people will skim the article to see if it has the content they are looking for. Points and emboldened text highlight the main message of your article and allow people to perceive you message. This also helps clarify my writing. When I know that I’m trying to pull out specifically meaningful content it changes the way I write and I’m told that I communicate better.

3. Interact more with other bloggers. My first few years of blogging I stayed minimally connected to a few other bloggers. I wish I had reached out more, commented on other sites and developed friendships with other bloggers earlier in my writing.

So what about you? If you were given a few do-overs what would you do different? Any Advice you would add?

22 thoughts on “3 Things I’d Do Over If I Were Starting My Blog Today!

  1. It took me a while to figure out what I would blog consistently. Now I blog something humorous early in the week and flash fiction on Fridays.

    I learned how important Facebook and Twitter were for promoting my blog and other friend’s blogs. These are great places to communicate with other writers!

    I learned that embedding links to other related posts I wrote move people around my site.

    Congrats on your blogaversary!


  2. I’m pretty new to regular blogging, but here is my 2 cents…

    There is a lot of value in NOT writing for a wider audience. That might water things down. I like reading things that are unique and obviously well felt and thought out.

    I’d like to think of it as writing for wider individuals instead a wider audience.

    Case in point: I’m about the least religious person I know, yet I’m following your blog.


  3. Great suggestions, I especially agree to writing to an larger audience. I have been a pastor for over 30 years, so naturally my “bent” is toward things of a spiritual nature. I plan to retire next for active ministry but I really enjoy blogging and I want to continue to help people grow in their relationship.


  4. Am new at this whole blogging thing,infact i just started about two weeks back. This article helps me see how i can optimize my blog. Thanx for the advise. You can see i’m already putting it to practice by commenting:)


  5. I’m new to this blogging game, and I must admit I have to express a heartfelt thank you for this post! A lot of these lessons I’m learning right now – I think I’ll make you my unofficial mentor on this šŸ˜€


  6. Hello Pastor Jonathan, I bumped into your blog a while ago, reading your post about New Year Resolutions which I find useful. I also read your other posts and I liked them. I myself started to blog to get my own stories into writings with initial thought to share them easily with my friends, but then if somebody else read it and find it helpful, useful or other good words, and then we interact with each other, I consider it as a bonus for me and them šŸ™‚ If I were starting my blog today, I’d do the same šŸ™‚


  7. Thank you for your comments. I have just started blogging at the age of 50. I am excited about writing. I hope that there are other people who enjoy reading what I write, and may benefit from my experiences in life. I am also looking forward to making new friendships through blogging. I am still trying to hook up to my facebook page, and having trouble doing that. Still in learning mode. God bless you!


  8. G’Day! Pastorjonathan1,
    Very interesting, So you’ve optimized the structure of your WordPress Blog and you’re ready to add some content. If you don’t optimize your content you won’t attract much traffic or visitors. One of the most important aspects of your content is your blog titles. It’s what your visitors read first and will motivate them to read the rest of your post. Before creating any titles or content do keyword research.
    Good Job!


  9. soniaelena62

    Just started mine and I appreciate the anecdotes. I’ve heard before that reaching out early on is key. The formatting content to jump out at the reader is a great tip! Thanks!


  10. thankyou for this fabulous post. i am a new blogger, infact i havent started writing yet. but its one of new year resolutions. i will surely keep these things in mind. thans for such valuable piece of advice. stay happy


  11. Esther's Palace

    While I have had my blog for a couple of years, I still consider myself to be a new blogger simply because I have not committed to blogging as much as I would like to. This is very good advice for all bloggers, especially the need to interact with other bloggers. I have come to believe that this is very important. Thank you so much; I look forward to your other blogs.


  12. Anna

    Being a new blogger myself, this is great advice. I myself notice that I scan the text from top to bottom, usually skip the first paragraph and the conclusion and read only the main points if I am interested. Lists always seem attractive, so I enjoy reading them. Also bolding (if not too much) is a good technique in my opinion.


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