Daniel 3

Daniels 3 friends find themselves in a bind when the king builds this giant statue of himself and commands everyone to bow down and worship him.  Daniels friends resist knowing that it may very well cost them their lives.  It’s at this point that I want to ask a question.

What if this were to happen today?  What if you were challenged by a world ruler to bow down to a statue and worship knowing that failure to do so would cost you your life?  Would you do it?  Would you resist?  Be honest.  Your response reveals your heart. To be sure it’s not an easy call.  Would you be tempted to bow?

If you would say, “i’ll bow outwardly but inwardly I would still honor God,” you have just played your “life” as the trump card that holds all the power in making your decisions.  You’re statement, though not said with lips, but said with your life would be, “it is better to live serving a false god than die worshiping the real God.”  Your life then is what you love the most.  But now you see the irony, by attempting to preserve your life you have lost it.  Your cowardice now betrays a pocket of unbelief in your life.

So how do you come to the fire believing that God could spare you, but even if He doesn’t He is still God and He is still good? I tell you, you won’t get there by whipping yourself into a frenzy and trying to work up courage.  True courage comes only from trusting the one who faced the greater fire of Hell for you.  You will never be able to love God deeply until you know how deeply he loves you.


Thank you for loving me even when I was unlovable. Still I am unable to get over the great debt you have paid on the cross for my sin.  Today I walk in freedom and celebrate your glorious goodness.  give me courage to boldly proclaim you to the nations.  I want everyone to know who you are and how freely you save.

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