(Lk. 24:27) why was the Bible written

Is the Bible about how to live or about the one who lived for you? Is it about a list of rules to obey or about the only one who was ever perfectly obedient to God? Is it a guide book on how to live in a fallen world or a news cast containing the good news that Jesus has come to save us from our sins?

You see that’s what is at stake here! How will you view the scriptures? Is it about what God has done or what you must do!

Don’t you see? It is about what God has done! The gospel, the good news of the kingdom of Heaven, is about what Christ has done for us. He has taken our sin. He has born our transgressions. He has suffered the wrath of God in our place and he has risen from the grave.

Now we must hear. We must understand. We cannot miss the message. We simply turn to Him. We look to Him who bore our iniquity and shame. We must embrace Him. We must surrender. We must turn to trust in Him. We must walk in Grace.


Thank you for saving me. Thank you that I am counted righteous by the work of Christ. Thank you that your Bible is the message of what you have done for me in Christ. I will live in your grace.

Heads up to those of you following along.

I’ll be back Monday in another book of the Bible. I’ll be taking a slightly different approach. I’ll read each day until something strikes me. I may read only a few verses from the previous day or I may read a few chapters. Each post will be around 150 to 300 word meditation with a brief prayer. I’ll also post references to 3 passages of scripture that I’m praying through that day. I read one passage in the morning, one at noon, and one in the evening. I’ll post the references. Feel free to look them up and pray along.

If you haven’t caught on yet I do not post devotional thoughts on Sundays or Thursdays. I’m still in the word, but I choose to reflect on the Sunday message my pastor preaches and the Wednesday night message that I deliver.

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