“Nevertheless, Not My Will, But Yours, Be Done” (LK 22:42)

Have you ever prayed and received an answer to prayer that stretched you?  An answer that took you down a difficult road?  Have you ever prayed that the impending storm wouldn’t come, but in God’s providence He allowed the storm anyway?

Jesus did.  Jesus prayed and asked that the cup be taken from Him and it wasn’t.  He drank the whole thing to the very last drop.  He took on the very wrath of God on the cross.

Three things jump to mind here from this verse.  One, Jesus knows what it is like to pray and receive a different answer than you want.  Two, Jesus was perfectly obedient to God even though obedience meant the cross.  Three, it was obedience that ultimately drove Him to the cross.


Today I realize more than ever that prayer isn’t about getting You to do what I want, but its about getting me to do what you want.  Today I embrace your plan for me and ask for the courage to follow you wherever you will lead me.  Today I look to Jesus the Author and Perfecter of my faith who was obedient where I was disobedient.

One thought on ““Nevertheless, Not My Will, But Yours, Be Done” (LK 22:42)

  1. Kevin

    Amen Brother. I have prayed like that, “God I can’t do this but let your will be done” Stuff I have gone through was not easy but I had a peace about it, kinda like now. I think the biggest thing we should understand is that we need to be willing to accept “His will” whatever it brings. Yea I have been mad a few times at “His will” but it all comes out in the end, why fight.


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