“Will He Find Faith on the Earth?” (Lk. 18:8)

Why don’t we ask God for more?  Why do we give up on our prayers?  Is it because we doubt Him?

You see as much as we try and make faith an action that we take, it has it’s root in the confidence that God has already or will act on our behalf.  Faith at it’s core is believing God.  Faith is taking God at His Word.  Faith is trusting God.

We can try and make faith about us, but it really isn’t.  Faith is not something you conger up.  You don’t psych yourself out about faith.  You see if you have faith or not, God is still God.  If you have faith or not, God is still good.  If you have faith or not, God has acted on our behalf in Jesus Christ.  If you have faith or not, God will bring all things to a conclusion in Jesus Christ.

So our faith, or should I say lack there of, doesn’t really have a bearing on the matter.  What does matter is that God has acted.  God has moved.  God is good.  God is just.  Our right response to who God is and what he has done is called faith.

So when we pray, we should have faith that God will do whatever He said He will do.  (And we should also be careful not to put words in His mouth.)  So if we know about injustice in the world and we know that God hates all injustice, then we should pray that He will bring justice to the world and we should pray knowing that God will bring justice to the world.  We should also note that when His justice comes it may look different than what I might have pictured in my head.  You see God is God and by definition He doesn’t seek my approval on anything.


I ask that today I would simply trust you.  Where I am weak I ask that you would increase my faith.  Renew my mind and transform the way I think.  I want all my confidence in you and not in my own flesh.

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