“One Who is Faithful in Very Little is Also Faithful in Much (Lk. 16:10)

Sometimes it is the small things that matter.  It’s the habit of returning small change that makes you credible to handle large amounts of money.  It’s the habit of trying to cheat the vending machine that makes you untrustworthy over larger matters.  Sometimes it is a matter of small things.

To follow Jesus and be in charge of big things is to be trustworthy in the small matters.  Do you read your Bible?  Do you pray?  Do you look for opportunities to tell others about Him?  These are small things.

Maybe it’s not the size of the task that’s the issue, but the character of the one carrying out the task?


Thank you for the simple, but profound truth that faithfulness doesn’t wait for big things to happen before it kicks in.  Those who are faithful even in the little things can be trusted with greater things.  I ask God that you would make me aware of any “small” area’s of my life that have gone unchecked.  I want to be faithful even in the small things.


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