“One’s Life Does Not Consist in the Abundance of His Possessions” (LK. 12:15)

What do we work for?  Is it to gain possessions?  Maybe not to collect lots of possessions, but perhaps to gain nicer possessions?  But is this life?  Isn’t our life more than the house we live in, the car we drive and the clothes we wear?

Jesus is warning us against covetousness.  He is challenging these two who have a debate about an inheritance to check their hearts.  Why are they pursuing possessions so badly?  What is the void in their life that they believe will be filled if they can gain the lion’s share of dad’s estate?  Can money or possessions really fill that void?

Better to be content in Christ than to always be wanting more stuff.  Stuff never delivers on happiness or real security.  Why waste life chasing after possessions?  Especially the possessions of others.  Life was intended for more than that.


I am thankful that your word reminded me today to be on guard against coveting.  Coveting promises me satisfaction in possessions, but what could be better than to be forgiven, called out and set apart for service by You.  I ask today that Coveting would be far from my heart and that my life would be centered on you.

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