“I Have Given You Authority (Lk.10:19)

“I have given you authority” those were the words.  Authority to tread on serpents, to suffer no harm.  This is a phrase that cuts both ways for those who follow Christ.

The first way it cuts is that it reminds us that we have no authority over evil other than that which has been given us by Jesus Christ.  It’s His authority, we just represent Him.  Our Church growth strategies, our evangelism programs and our best efforts to win our neighbors to Christ are just that… ours. Sometimes we forget that we are aliens in this world.  The power to save, the power to go and make disciples, the power to shine light into darkness doesn’t come from us… it comes from Him.  We go under His authority, “All authority has been given unto me” (Mt. 28:18).

second.  We have authority from Him!  Don’t let anyone tell you that you have no right to speak the truth, comfort the afflicted, and bring healing to those who are hurting. We are doing only what Jesus has told us to do.  It’s His authority.  Who trumps His authority?  No one!


Today I am both humbled and encouraged.  One the one hand I am humbled to remember that I can do nothing on my own.  I can only do what I see you doing.  I can only act out of the authority that you give.  I am also encouraged.  I am encouraged because I am your man.  You have called me.  You have set me apart and you have commissioned me to share your gospel.  Father, I ask that I would go boldly today in the authority that you have provided.  I ask that I would not act out of insecurity or self-preservation, but that I would be jealous for your glory today.

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