Twelve Years (Lk. 8:42-43)

Twelve years.  Twelve years before, the events of this day were put into motion. Twelve years ago a woman began to have an issue with bleeding that would eventually drain her life savings and leave her feeling broken and without hope.  Without hope, that is until Jesus came on the scene.  She saw Him passing by and reached out to touch His garment… she hoped beyond all hope and she was healed!  For twelve years she had walked with this disease.  For twelve years she had prayed that she would find healing and on this day she was healed!

Twelve years.  Twelve years before the events of this day a little girl was born. She was the pride and joy of her family.  The years passed quickly and she grew by leaps and bounds.  Then on this day, this day, she was sick.  It wasn’t a passing sickness.  It wasn’t one that she could shake.  Her mother was worried.  Her father heard that Jesus was in town healing people.  So he went to fetch the one who could save his little girl.  On the way there he couldn’t help but remember the joy he had seen in his daughter’s face for the last twelve years.  Joy that was being taken away with sickness.  Would Jesus come heal his girl?  He didn’t know, but he had to try…

Then it happened, she was dead.  Dead before Jesus could even come and see her.  Was Jesus too late? Or perhaps he was right on time.  He didn’t heal her, he raised her from the dead!

Twelve years.  Twelve years before, the events of this day were being put into motion.  What is taking place today that was set in motion a long time ago?


There is nothing that escapes your notice and your timing is perfect.  Guide me today.  I want to walk according to the path that you have laid out for me.



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