Which the Lord has Made Know to us (Lk. 2:15)

When I was younger I used to beg God to speak to me like he spoke to the prophets. At night I would lay in my bed long expecting a miraculous dream or vision.  I wanted to see a unique revelation of God.  I told him that if He would speak, I would listen.  Little did I know that He had been speaking all along.  In my heart I wasn’t longing for the voice of God… I was longing to be special.  My goal in hearing God speak wasn’t so I could obey Him or even make much of Him, it was so I could make much of me.

These days He does speak to me plenty and  plainly.  Before you go getting the straight jacket, please know that I’m talking about His Word, the Bible.  There really isn’t a mystery to what God is up to.  It has all been written down from several different divinely inspired human authors all confirming the same thing… Christ has lived among us, died for our sins, rose from the dead and will return to set all things right.  It’s a more complete message than what the shepherds heard in the field that night.

I often wonder, if I had been woken out of my sleep that night by a crew of shepherds running through town murmmering, “Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace, goodwill toward men,” would I have followed them to the manger? Whether Angels or Shepherds does it matter whose mouth we hear speaking the Word of God?  Is it not still His Word?  Are the expectations any less?


I pray that you would deliver my heart today from the kind of pride that seeks to manipulate how You would speak to me.  Forgive me for being like a child trying to trick his parents into getting what he wants. I beg that I would be obedient to the truth I do have from you.  I’m tired of trying to call all the shots.  Thank you for making yourself known to me.  Grow me in grace and the knowledge of You.  I really do want to walk with you today.

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