The Best Book I have Read this year!

I get asked every once in a while, what’s the best book you have read lately.  Usually its a bit of a toss-up because as I have grown older and read more, I’ve become more skeptical of the books I read.  However, there is no toss-up here. Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just by Timothy Keller is by far the best book I have read in the last 365 days!  Go get a copy and read it!

Written with both the skeptic and believer in mind, Keller weaves a compelling argument for social justice.  While pointing out the inconsistencies of consumerism with the gospel imperative to “love your neighbor” he doesn’t get bogged down with emotional and baseless arguments.  Keller does an excellent job of navigating the scriptures, answering arguments and pointing a way forward.  This book is everything I had hoped Radical would be and so much more.

Keller takes a straight forward approach to the topic of social justice: He defines the term, explores the Old Testament, examines the teaching of Jesus, examines the ethic of “love your neighbor”, compels the reader into thought about social justice and then provides a way forward, with a view to all things beautiful in our Savior Jesus Christ…. Simply amazing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the social justice debate.  Seriously, Christian, skeptic, conservative, liberal, etc.  Go get a copy and read it.  Want to test drive it before you borrow or buy?  Go by the and download the first chapter to read for free!

The retail price of Generous Justice is $19.95 (Hardcover), I purchased my copy from for just under $12.00. I gave it five stars and would give it more… Its just that good!

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