Random Musings of a Slightly Restless mind.

What Drive You? At first the question sounds kind of vague, undefined and without a clear context, but think for a moment. What drives you?  What compels you to move forward?  What gets you out of bed in the morning?  What force moves in you to act and when you act to act decisively?

Is it feeling?  Is it emotion?  Does your anger drive you?  Your sorrow?  Your joy and happiness?  Your sense of entitlement?  Your sense of justice?  Are you controlled by your attitude, your disposition of emotion toward a given circumstance or set of circumstances? Is it fear?  Do you judge the out come of your possible actions and choose the one with the least amount of pain?

Are your feelings always true?  Is it really “true” love or was is something else? Do you truly hate the person who stole your parking place?  Should you really fear all that you fear?  Should you hate all that you hate?  Are you wrong to rejoice in the suffering of others?  Should you really feel that way about your boss, your brother-in-law, your sister’s friend?  Should you really be depressed?  Should you be happy that your team is playing in the big game and not some other team?

Can you will your feelings to be different than they are?  Can you force yourself to love or must it be a blind force that exists outside of you and falls only when the cupid’s arrow strikes?  Is anger the same way? Who casts those arrows?  Should we then celebrate the random plucking of the cupid’s bow and revolt against the winged and diapered creature that must be cupid’s nemesis?  I think he hands out depression.  Should we then find something stronger than medication to fight these little creatures that trip us up so easily?  Who hurls the spears of peace, joy, and goodness?  I want those creatures to be my friends.

Who then is it that gives the thumbs up or thumbs down to the full expression of your emotions.  Do they control you or do you control them?  Are you truly responsible for your actions or are you seeking to blame the fates for your behavior?  You were tripped up by love? then it wasn’t love… It was a demon cupid and you are a fool.

Lets move on and get out of your head and into mine…

Why do some people feel different about a given situation than I do?  Should we not all feel the same?  Is it really a different situation or is it a different perspective? Does truth change with perspective or do we all perceive truth, just insufficiently and therefore hold a differing opinion?

Do all roads lead to God or is their one road that all must travel on if they would see God? One way seems right to one man, another way seems right to another man, does this then mean that both are right?  Could it mean that both are wrong?  Could it mean that one is right and one is wrong?  How would you know with enough confidence so as to act decisively?  Would you make that decision based on your emotion?  The way you feel about it?  Are we really back to trusting the celestial diapered toddler with a bow to determine truth? I think he has no claim here.

I say TRUTH.  Not a truth that has been formulated or postulated in my mind or the mind of another, but TRUTH that exists in and of itself.  TRUTH not feeling should be our guide.  Not just a guide for me, but a guide for all.  HE said, “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, no man comes to the FATHER, but through ME.”  All roads then do not lead to God, but there is one road that all must travel if they would see God.

This road then is narrow, but not narrow minded.  For indeed he said, “Whosoever will!”  The gate is small, but the gate is open. I’m sorry that you are mistaken…It is not bigoted to say that their is only one way to God… It is LOVE. And not the kind dispensed by a chubby cherib in a diaper (who disposes of those?).  But real love. Not fallen and tripped into, but given deliberately, freely, sacrificially, for our good and for His glory!

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