Philippians 3: Flushed Away

What is the one thing that we all come across on a regular basis, but have absolutely no desire to keep. We don’t collect it. We don’t save it up. In fact we have devised creative ways to remove the stuff as far from us as possible as soon as possible. We actually have invented devices and systems to remove this stuff from our house, usually at the push of a button (sometimes 2 buttons on the nicer Eco friendly models). Give up?

It’s “poo!” yes there are other names, but we won’t get into that here. You may find yourself asking… What’s the big deal? Answer: Paul said in Philippians 1:8 that he has suffered the loss of lots of things, but compared to knowing Christ, he counts it all as “poo.” granted your version may say, “rubbish” or even “dung,” but those are just fancier ways of saying the same thing.

The point: You don’t miss your “rubbish!” And Paul is saying He didn’t miss the stuff, power, or popularity he had before risking it all to follow Christ. Not in the slightest.

You see… Stuff, power, popularity… All temporary. Even if I live to 120 years of age, most of the stuff I cling to will be sold at a yard sale for a couple of dollars. Compared to knowing Christ it’s nothing, it’s worse than nothing, it’s something that I can’t get rid of fast enough.

Application: how worried are you about stuff? Does that fancy truck, car, or boat really compare to knowing Christ? Are you over concerned about office politics? Do these things really deserve the amount of affection we give to them? Is it wrong to have stuff… No! Have stuff! But don’t treat it as though it’s anything more than it really is… It’s just stuff and it will pass away like your rubbish is flushed away. We don’t live for stuff, we have been raised to a new life in Christ.

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