Mark 3: its your hard heart stupid

We pick up in chapter 3 with the religious leaders of the day staring at Jesus all through jewish church (synagogue) wondering if He’s going to help the guy with the gimpy hand. They really don’t care about the guys gimpy hand, they just want to see if Jesus will break one of their rules (don’t work on the Sabbath, because I’m pretty sure no one thought of the “don’t heal on the Sabbath” rule till Jesus came along so they tried to slide it under, “don’t work” which was really just a rule to help them “rest” and worship God.)

When did your relationship become all about rules anyway? I’m not saying ditch the rules, but have we gone out of our way to make things sin that aren’t really sin at all? Then do we get mad when other people cross our imaginary boundaries built on preference? Jesus was mad and grieved because the religious guys had perverted the grace and provision of God to keep their brothers from God.

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