How far would you go to get the truth? (1 Kings 10)

In 1 Kings 10 we read about how rumors of Solomon’s wisdom have spread all over the known world. The queen of Sheba travels over 1500 miles to verify what she has heard (in a day when travel over 1500 miles took months to accomplish). She first verifies Solomon’s wisdom and then gives credit to the LORD for loving the nation of Israel and blessing them with such a great king.

In the New Testament Jesus gives the queen of Sheba props for traveling to hear Solomon’s wisdom first hand (Matthew 12:42). Sadly he states the reality that he was greater than Solomon yet the Pharisees were demanding a sign from Him. If they only would have seen what was right in front of their eyes.

We live in a day and age where people pride themselves on being Intelligent, but few are actually seeking wisdom. I recently stopped by a blog discussing science and religion. Though I weighed in with some rational arguments early in the comments, I was saddened to see the debate was not at all about truth or wisdom but became focused on namecalling as theist (people who belive in a god) and atheist (people who don’t believe in a god) began insulting one another’s intelligence.

Near the end of the comments section it became apparent that the Truth about the existence or non-existence of God no longer mattered. Nobody was looking for God or wisdom about how we got here. Sadly some of my Christian brothers were blindly throwing scripture out of context and my athestic friends were calling us all dumb and making unresearched and unfounded ideas about the bible based largely on a recent work of fiction. Needless to say the pursuit of truth got lost in the shuffle or was never there to begin with.

On the otherhand I have had people come to me asking genuine questions about some of the same things. Being a skeptic by nature I’ve sought alot of the answers on my own and am always delighted to share. The difference was that one was pursuing truth and the other propigating that they were right in order to win an argument.

Application: how far will you go to get the truth? To gain wisdom? To know God?

How far will you go to live in the grace and knowledge of Jesus? Does your lifestlye provoke others to come to you for the truth?

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