Thank You


Thanks to the many of you who wrote in, commented and shared your thoughts about communication with children.  I am grateful for your collective insight and wisdom.  I can tell that the subject struck a nerve because of the large response on the blog, facebook posts, e-mail and private facebook messages.  I thought we would carry the theme through this week.  I’ll post my notes with a little substance under each point.  These are just tips, so feel free to comment, further develop a tip, share stories, etc.

This week I would also like to open up the discussion a little larger than me.  So I thought I’d start the week with a question. “What area of communication with children do you want to see more discussion on?”  It can be an issue your having.  It can be an issue that you notice with other parents and their children.  What should we be discussing when it comes to communication with children?

Some examples would be:

“How to effectively discipline?”

“How to lead a family devotional time with small children?”

“communicating with an angry child”


PS – I’ll share my reflections on the weekend later this week

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