Jesus Story Book Bible

I finally found an Easter gift for my children.  The video below is from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  I ordered the Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe Edition from ($16.49) and it should be in our home by the time this is posted.  After we have had a chance to read it through and evaluate it, I’ll post a review.  In the mean time check out the video below concerning the resurrection of Jesus and take time to show it to your kids and talk about the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus.

I was turned on to this resource from reading the blog of an old college friend Tim Brister, you can view his blog at

One thought on “Jesus Story Book Bible

  1. Brandon

    We have this one and love it. It is the only story bible I have ever recommended! I actually just told parents about it last night int he class I teach at church. Told them to go get it for Easter for the kids.


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