The Prince’s Poison Cup (Children’s Book Review)

The Prince’s Poison Cup written by R. C. Sproul and Illustrated by Justin Gerard is a great allegory for children and parents alike.  I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading it again and again to my daughter.  Dr. Sproul does a great job of taking something that kids are familiar with (like having to take medicine) and pairing it up with a theme from Scripture.  Thus taking the readers along a journey from the common to the sacred.

The Illustrations are also fantastic.  The images are child friendly, yet compelling as the story unravels.  I was amazed at the range of illustrations that took place in this book.  Every thing from a mysterious villan in a dark robe, to the King of Life, to a grandfather and his grand-daughter.

The book was a great read.  Perhaps the strongest aspect of the book was the parents section in the back.  Parents are given great questions to ask their kids and help draw the connections between the story they have just read and the scriptures.  We read lots of books at our house, but this element really seems to make this book especially useful.  I’ve noticed most all the childrens books published by Reformation Trust tend to have this element and its worth noticing the lengths the authors and publishers are going through to produce quality childrens literature that goes beyond entertainment and into training and guidance.

Over all this was a fantastic book and I highly recommend it for parents with young children.The Prince’s Poison Cup is an excellent resource. The retail price is $18.00 (Hardcover), and is available at places like for $12.24. I gave it four stars.

Disclaimer: A PDF of this book was provided for review by Reformation Trust Publishing. They will send me a complimentary copy after they see my revies.  There was no requirement to give it a positive review, just for me to call it like I see it.

One thought on “The Prince’s Poison Cup (Children’s Book Review)

  1. pastorjonathan1

    UPDATE: I take my 4-year-old daughter out to breakfast once a week for a father-daughter date. This week we were at McDonald’s and she brought along the “Prince’s Poison Cup.” As we finished breakfast and set up to read we had 2 Employee’s on break in the kid’s area join us and listen to the story. I was impressed with how well my daughter recognized the allegory.


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