How to Get Free Books (Part 3)

I first learned about the Blogger Review Program from Nav Press by searching their website to see if they offered free books for review.  I eventually found the Blogger Review page.  I signed up immediately and with in a few weeks got my first book to review.

The Blogger Review program is a decent program.  It is a little difficult to work your way around the page at first, but eventually I caught on and was able to place an order.  You basically send an e-mail and then order the book using a special promo code that they give you. You write a review and post on your blog.

Strengths to the Program

You Get Free Books

You Get to choose which book you Review

They generally update books to choose from near the beginning of the Month


The Selection is small (usually about 4 books)

Learning how to order can be a challenge at first

I highly recommend the Blogger Review Program program if you read about a book a month or are looking to suplament your other reading material.  So far I have received and written reviews for 1 book through Nav Press. Compared to the other programs I give it a 3 out of 5.

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