Nelson’s Compelte Book of Bible Maps and Charts – A Review

Nelson’s Complete Book of BIble Maps and Charts, 3rd Edition is a very simple, helpful, and affordable reference book for the Bible.  I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining visual insights into the Bible.   Bible maps are quite helpful in determining the movement of people (especially in the Old Testament as well as tracking Jesus’ ministry and Paul’s Missionary Journeys).  The charts are also especially helpful.  They helped me quickly get a grasp on the god’s worshiped in Egypt and the relevance of the ten plagues that God sent upon that land.

The book is choreographed with the Bible so that what ever book you are studying, all you need to do is look up that book Nelson’s Bible Maps and Charts and you will have the information you are looking for at your finger tips.  The pictures of geography or of biblical artifacts are sparse, but in a reference like this they are really beside the point.  The real value to this book is its ability to compliment your scripture reading or provide you with plenty of teaching aids.

There more detailed books available such as a Bible atlas, but I have yet to come across any that do such a wonderful job of providing all the relevant data at your finger tips for such an affordable price.  Easy to use, simple, and well put together.

Nelson’s Complete Book of BIble Maps and Charts, 3rd Editionis a great book and I highly recommend it. The retail price is $19.99 (paperback), and is available at places like for $13.59 (which is an amazing deal).  I gave it five stars.

Disclaimer: As a blogger I received a free review copy from the Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program  ( ).  There was no requirement to give it a positive review, just for the reviewer to call it like they see it.

One thought on “Nelson’s Compelte Book of Bible Maps and Charts – A Review

  1. Carol Davis

    Jonathan, thanks for positing your review of this book. I’ve been wanting such a book to use with my Senior Ladies’ Sunday Morning Life Group and my Ladies’ Bible Study Group. However, I hate to order a book just because it looks like it might be what I’m looking for only to be disappointed. I will definitely be getting this one. Thanks for all you do.

    Carol Davis


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