How to Get Free Books (Part 2)

If you are a blogger there are several publishing companies through which you can get free books. I will share my experiences with a few of these companies and how you too can get free books in exchange for a book review.

I first learned about the Blogging for Books Program through a random blog that I found while surfing the web for book reviews on books by one of my favorite authors.  I saw the banner above and followed the link to the blogger page.  I signed up but wasn’t contacted until a month or two had passed.  I had all but forgotten about it when finally I received an e-mail letting know that I would soon be notified about upcoming books.

The Blogging for Books Program by WaterBrook Multnomah, in my opinion, is by far the superior book review program.  Basically you log on to the main page, enter in your information and your interest.  A month or two later you may be invited to a blog tour via e-mail.  If you accept you generally receive a review copy a few weeks before the book comes out.  You write a review and post on your blog.  Write a consumer review like for  Then you will need to send an e-mail back to the person who invited you to the tour letting them know where they can find the review.

Strengths to the Program:

You Get free books

You Get to choose which books you will review

You can review more than one book at a time

You get the books before the release date (you get to read it before the rest of the world)

You can often request a review copy to give away on your blog


You only have a few weeks to read and review each book.  Its really not a weakness for me, but may be if it typically takes you longer to read a book.

WaterBrook Multnomah has streamlined the process and made it easy for bloggers to log in and figure out how things work.  I highly recommend the Blogging for Books program if you are an avid reader.  So far I have received and written reviews for 2 books through WaterBrook Multnomah. Compared to the other programs I give it a 5 out of 5.

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