3 thoughts on “A Satire on Youth Minstry

  1. bcbates07

    this vid is great man! And unfortunately all too familiar. (Too bad my haircut only costs ten bucks!LOL!)


  2. Erica Jones

    Interesting satire. I am actually grateful for the message. The last minute is especially encouraging and something many of us need to hear. I believe that many full-time youth ministers and lay ministers feel that in order to get their message heard they have to be like the Disney pop stars and Bono – the end result being that they worry way to much about the entertainment value of their presentation or the presentation of their guest speakers way more than they worry about the actual quality of the message. The “flames” of a flashy hour of “spiritual entertainment” will quickly burn themselves out. Rather – we should be like coal… not very flashy, but smoldering with our love for Christ and willing to wait, teach, love, and repeat until GOD provides the tinder for flames.


  3. pastorjonathan1

    Yeah. True ministry isn’t about stage presence as much as it is about discipleship. Sometimes love is something that has to be expressed on a personal level. I’m glad that at Calvary we have great LIFE group leaders and volunteers who really care about our students.


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