Wednesday Book Give Away (Dug Down Deep)

Last month I wrote a brief book  review of Dug Down Deep, a new book written by Joshua Harris.  This month I have decided to give away a copy on the blog.  To enter for a chance to win all you need to do to briefly (100 words or less) share your story on how you became a follower of Jesus Christ  or a defining moment when you began to grow deeper in your relationship with God. You can see my examples below.  Then on  Monday (February 15th, 2010) I’ll draw a name by random and announce the winner in the comments section here.

My father was a pastor. When I was 14 my dad had a stroke and his church fired him. I hated God and the church and soon started action out in rebellion. My dad confronted my rebellion. I tried to be good enough to make up for the bad things I had done, but I still felt guilty. When I was 24 I finally trusted in Jesus Christ to remove my sin and my shame. Knowing Jesus has changed me and I want others to know about Him. He is indeed the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

If you win I will also contact you via e-mail so I can make arrangements to get you the book (so make sure you fill that part out when leaving a comment).

If you are interested you can find out more about my story by clicking here which will take you to the “my story” section of this page.   You can also click here to begin with the first of five posts on how I became a follower of Jesus Christ.  I look forward to reading your story!  It always amazes me how God works in our lives.

If you have any questions, I have answered some of those on an earlier post and you can find it here.

Book Give Away on Wednesdays

So here is the deal.  I like to read and I have free books coming in from a few sources now.  However, I rarely read a book twice and I am a little limited on book space.  So I have decided to start giving away some fairly new books on my blog.  I get a few questions here and there about it so I thought I would put up a short post describing how I hope to do this.

How does it work?

Intermittently on Wednesdays I will put up a post with a book that I am want to give away.  Sometimes I will just ask you to leave a comment (Like: why do you want this book?) and place everyone’s name in a hat and draw out a name.  Sometimes I will ask for creative comments and pass on a book to the one with the most creative comment.  And I’m leaving the door open to change the process in the future.

How often will you give away a book?

Hopefully at least every other week and maybe every week.  It depends on how high my give away stack is at the time.  Check back in each Wednesday morning to see.  I generally write my posts well in advance before they are published and will have Book Give Away posts scheduled for early Wednesday morning.

Who can enter?

Anyone. That is anyone with a shipping address in the continental United States.  I don’t mind paying a small amount of money to ship a book.  If you win and I don’t have your address, I will contact you via the e-mail you supplied when you left your comment and you can provide me with an address then.  Otherwise I don’t need to know your address.

How do I know Who won?

I will post in the comments section on the following Monday announcing who won.  If you won I will also contact you via e-mail and make arrangements to get you the book.

Here is what I ask of you if you want to enter:

  1. That you be polite when you comment.
  2. That you read the book (or pass it on to someone who will) if you win.