50 Reasons: To Absorb the Wrath of God

The other day I mentioned that I would be reading Piper’s book “50 Reasons why Jesus Came to Die” between Easter and Pentecost. You can get the scoop here.

Today is Easter and day one of the journey. If you haven’t done so already, you will want to read the introduction.

To Absorb The Wrath of God

I was reminded today that my sin is not trivial. The bible tells us that we have all sinned against God and that sin has a consequence. Because of our sin we are defective. We were made to glorify God, but instead seek our own Glory. Though we are made in the image of God we are broken. We are not only broken, we are offensive. We spend our whole existence not only failing to Glorify God, but also with an audacity to love other things more.