50 Reasons: To Become a Ransom for Many

The other day I mentioned that I would be reading Piper’s book “50 Reasons why Jesus Came to Die” between Easter and Pentecost. You can get the scoop here.

To Become a Ransom for Many

I am excited that Piper highlights that the ransom here was paid to God and of course cites several verses in explanation.  There is an errant idea going through many Christian circles that the ransom was paid to Satan.  I think we often give Satan more credit than he deserves.  The idea that the ransom was due Satan originated with a theologian by the name of Origin (185 – 254 A.D.). (Wow! One of my undergrad professors would be proud.  He used to say that, “Origin was the origin of all heresy” and it stuck).

Anyway I’m glad that Jesus paid it all. Piper drives home an excellent point.  The ransom is for “many” (Mark 10:45) and not all are saved, but the offer is for everyone (I timothy 2:5-6).  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the people at your work place, “Jesus paid it all!”  If they don’t know, they need to hear: if they already know, they need to hear it again. I’ve been blessed to share with 5 people (apart from church related stuff) this week about why Jesus came to die!