Bad Start, Strong Finish: What Matters Most When It Comes to Goals & Resolutions

I remember seeing this movie once where a man is running in a heat to make the olympic team. Somewhere along the way he gets tripped up and falls down. As a viewer you take in the agony of the moment. All of the hopes he had for winning or even placing in the race are dashed to pieces. Even if he gets up, everyone is so far ahead that he will never make it. His dream for thy olympics is over… Or so you think.

You see it’s not how you start or even how you run that determines success in a race. It’s how you finish.  Races are peculiar that way. You can have a great start, great form and finish last.  You can also have a rough start, even fall down along the way, but still finish well.

I guess that is the point of this post. You made some New Year’s resolutions and right about now you have already fallen off the wagon or at least your feeling the temptation to quit.  Breaking into a new routine is harder than you thought is would be.  You’ve tasted failure and now you’re ready to give up.

Don’t believe that you must be a failure.  You had a bad start.  Get over it, get up and finish. Nobody cares that you’ve fallen except that little voice in your head and people who have already given up themselves. Finish the race.  The year isn’t over, It’s really just started, you have plenty of time to make up lost ground.

Oh yeah… and that guy who fell down. He got back up and won the heat.  Check out the clip below from the movie “Chariots of Fire.”

Review: Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain


Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain: Uncovering the Hidden Potential in Life’s Most Common Struggles by Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. David L. Henderson is a great book  for readers who are looking to see a greater purpose in the painful moments of life.   Through out this book the authors challenge the reader to not seek a pain free existence, but rather to learn and grow through pain to see God’s greater purpose. Both authors share keen insights from both personal and clinical experience.

The book is divided into seven sections with four chapters each.  The sections include Injustice, Rejection, Loneliness, Loss, Discipline, Failure, and Death.  Each section is stand alone and the reader can jump ahead to a section without fear of having missed vital information in a section prior.

I appreciated authors’ writing styles.  The use of real life stories and examples helped to insure that this book was an easy read and never boring.  I enjoyed reading the keen insights from two brilliant men who have years of Biblical counseling experience in walking with people through pain.  The credibility of the authors, the easy to reference sectioning, and the readable style has guaranteed this book a spot on my shelf for years to come.


This is a very practical and readable book on pain and adversity.   Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain is an excellent resource. The retail price is $22.99 (Hardcover), and is available at places like for $16.55. I gave it four stars.

Disclaimer: As a blogger I received a free review copy from the Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program  ( ).  There was no requirement to give it a positive review, just for the reviewer to call it like they see it.